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Far away in a time long forgotten, there was a rocky island surrounded by a calm sea...This island was hospitable to neither man nor beast as very little could grow on its rocky outcroppings.


The only vegetation to be found on this isolated isle was a small plant growing among the crevices. This plant was known as a Twiggleberry Bush, as it bore its fruit in the shape of a round berry directly on its very slender twigs. The pale purple flowers preceding the succulent burgundy fruit had a heady fragrance reminiscent of the flavour of the berries themselves.

Because the island was otherwise uninhabited, their came a clan of faeries to dwell amongst the rocks and Twiggleberry bushes. Being of tiny stature, these faeries needed little in order to subsist. The minuscule Twiggleberry fruits furnished adequate nourishment, the leaves caught the dew drops so important to the faeries' existence and the flowers provided a refuge for them.

Humans, though, have never been mindful of their surroundings and eventually the Twiggleberry Faeries became quite concerned that their bushes would be destroyed by the large feet and inquisitive hands of their more and more frequent visitors. Something had to be done!

The Twiggleberry Faeries enlisted the kindly and able sorcerer who, in exchange for some Twiggleberry wine, caused a mist to form around the island so that it could no longer be found by mortals. The Twiggleberry Faeries still live in peace, and the sorcerer is still enjoying his Twiggleberry wine..